12. The Cybersecurity 'Roles' Crisis with Nick Ellsmore

We don’t have a skills crisis so much as we have a roles crisis.
— Nick Ellsmore

Nick Ellsmore is Co-Founder of Hivint, now a part of Trustwave, an Optus company, and creator of cyber-security collaboration portal Security Colony. He was previously co-founder of SIFT and Stratsec, and has served on boards and forums including the Internet Industry Association, the NATA AAC for Software Testing, UNSW Advisory Boards, and the APEC TEL Security & Prosperity Steering Group. 

During this episode, Nick will share the component to selecting employees who will fit well in your organization. Find out how great leaders create and share a positive vision and successful team atmosphere. Learn the benefits of focusing on diversity in the workplace and what it takes to become a great Security Leader.



Time Stamps:

  • 00:30 - Nick’s introduction and background

  • 04:19 - Principles to follow to bring the right people together

  • 06:26 - Hiring those who have a proper attitude yet lack the proper skills

  • 07:35 - “We don’t have a skills crisis so much as we have a roles crisis.” - Nick Ellsmore

  • 10:06 - Focusing on diversity in the workplace

  • 13:13 - What roles are clients looking for?

  • 17:15 - Building a function within the organization

  • 18:54 - “Your first security manager in an organization is going to shift the way that function is perceived by the organization.” - Nick Ellsmore

  • 20:00 - The ultimate path for security leaders 

  • 25:29 - “If I am recruiting, the person that I want is the person who is clearly going to be passionate, do the right thing, and someone that’s  a nice person.” - Nick Ellsmore

  • 27:33 - Giving the best advice to your younger self