The research is clear.

Organisations are having difficulty recruiting and retaining high quality cybersecurity leaders.

With the escalation of threat within the cyber crime landscape and ever increasing compliance requirements, strong cyber security leadership is more important than ever. Without it, how will you respond when your organisation has a cyber incident?

 We help organisations create and sustain effective information security teams.

Uniquely, we work as interim security leaders AND
complete the talent sourcing process for you.

Our consultants immerse themselves in the company culture, meet leaders and stakeholders across the business and the board to pull together a view of the organisation’s security sentiment and collect data regarding the current risk perception. At the end of the engagement, our consultants have replaced themselves with an appropriately skilled security leader who is a great fit for the organisation and left behind a strategic starting point.

The Secure CIO

The Secure CIO framework, podcast, book and newsletter meet the need for advice and reassurance about the effective hiring of leaders to address cyber security risk.

Amazon best-seller ‘The Secure CIO’ provides a step-by-step framework to address the challenges of finding and retaining cyber security leaders.
Guiding CIOs and their peers through the establishment of a Security Agenda, this straightforward framework doesn’t end at contract signing.

Join our founder, as she chats with some of the cybersecurity industry’s greatest minds.

The podcast features conversations about leadership, diversity, sourcing of great cyber security talent and opinions on the skills crisis.

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