You know what they say about assumptions…

The instructions were clear. Line up across the room with one end being no knowledge of coaching to the other side of the room being 100%, couldn’t be clearer on why to coach, how to coach and every specific of coaching practice. Our group of 20 shuffled around the conference room to form a line across the front, laughing at the bunched up group of people (fence sitters) hovering around the ‘50’ mark.

To begin with, I chose 40. Which in hindsight was ok for day one of the coaching accreditation course. I was encouraged by the fact that I was in a room full of people who were all about improving their skills, from those who had been formally coaching for years to those just starting out. One thing was unanimous, that we saw the knowledge we were about to gain as key to reaching our business goals. 

Having been a mentor (and having done a lot of talking) in my career in information security, before completing this course I thought that I knew what coaching was, how it was valuable and why people might seek it out. I assumed I knew coaching. But you know what they say about assumptions…. In reality, coaching is a lot about the coach formulating great questions, then piping down and listening and creating enough trust and tension to steer their counterpart into amazing outcomes. 

So why do you need a coach? Well, because even if you’re killing it, there is always room for improvement. Before you dismiss the idea of coaching based on cost or because you think it’s for people with first world problems, give it a go. Coaching truly works for those who are willing to learn, grow and be accountable for their future. Coaching in your career or personal life is no different to elite athletes working with their coach to achieve improvements on already world-class results. It’s become clear that coaching is better experienced than explained….consider seeking out a coach to turn around some of your current challenges or ignite your career aspirations. On your marks, get set, go? (there’s always room for a pun…)