Are you ready to take the security leap?

About a year ago, I watched this Ted Talk by Graham Hill. The impact that meat farming has on our planet blew me away and set me on a path to giving up meat for good. Initially trying weekday vegetarianism as the Ted Talk advocates and now eating a plant-based diet 24/7, what I discovered was that I actually feel physically better when I don’t eat meat (and so do the cows…). While the feeling is slightly different, the same can be said for my work in advocating good security practices, both for myself and those I work with. Bear with me while I link the two…. 

For the most part, both ‘lifestyles’ are about choice and being ready to embrace change. In both cases, a lot of people have said to me “oh I tried that once and it was soooo inconvenient”. Being more secure doesn’t have to be inconvenient and in fact most day to day principles of security are not difficult to adopt once you have made the choice to do so. What I noticed most about being vegetarian, as with security, was that early planning meant less stress for all and a greater likelihood of success.

I’ll admit that embracing more secure practices is easier when those around you are on board. However, it’s also ok that sometimes you’re the only one that sees sense in your choices (my children are still coming to terms with the idea that there are restaurants that only serve vegetables). So the age old question of security staff has been just as prevalent when I talk about being vegetarian: ‘I bet you sometimes make exceptions to the rules’?

People assume because you’re committed to being a vegetarian/applying good security practices that you’re missing out. But it’s quite the opposite. Once you commit to a particular way of life, it becomes your desired path. Making exceptions to please others is only cheating yourself. So sometimes being vegetarian/security conscious means politely refusing products or services, that others might be ok with, in order to meet your own values or prerequisites.

As a vegetarian, I would never try to convert you (of course you are welcome to though). Instead it is a choice I have made that’s right for me.  The same applies with security.  Yes, you can follow security policies to toe the company line…. but to be truly secure, you need to adopt secure work practices because you believe it’s the right thing to do. No preaching from the security team will convert you. 

Are you ready to take the security leap?