R is for Resourceful (not resources)

Most security professionals could use an extra pair of hands and a second set of eyes…. under resourced and over committed, right? Complaints of not enough people, not enough money, not enough care-taken by staff/customers are often heard in the security space (this is also heard in other areas businesses these days too). In times of need, rather than seeking more of anything …I challenge you to become resourceful with what is already available to you. Resourcefulness includes creativity, determination, curiosity, passion and resolve - qualities that so many security professionals exhibit given the right conditions. To get the outcomes we need, could our only limitation lie in how resourceful we are willing to be?

Resourceful people understand their limitations and look for ways to seek help from those around them. For example, consider the work that IT Ops already do to protect the network and look for ways to enhance this. When they are upgrading relevant technology, their business case (that they were writing anyway) could be built to purchase hardware that meets the requirements for Operations and fulfils security needs – showing others that by working with you they'll advance their goals, and you will all succeed.

When it comes to security awareness, posting ‘strong password’ posters isn’t going to cut it…Use your influencing skills and negotiate with internal comms and marketing to support your messaging and branding for a slick, company aligned approach to make security more visual and visible. They might just jump at the chance to work on something a little different, they know the best ways to reach staff and through which avenues to get the greatest bang for your buck.

If you are a hiring, look for hallmarks of a resourceful candidate - openminded, persistent, proactive and hopeful. In their previous roles, how did they make use of the technology they already had rather than invest in more? How did they leverage other parts of the business to detect and prevent security incidents? How did they uplift security without a team of in-house experts? Or how did they build the right team with the right skills when labour budget was limited? 

A lack of resources drives people and technology forward. Throughout history, we can find examples of people, cultures, and societal changes that occurred because their resourcefulness overcame a lack of resources (think the great depression or prohibition!). The two biggest things to remember are to prioritise whatever resource you are low on, and to be creative about how you resolve the shortage. Could you be doing more with what you already have on hand when it comes to securing your business?