7. Security Leadership; Manager v Maker, with Caroline Wong

A great leader lays out that path to allow that person to grow.
— Caroline Wong

Caroline Wong is the Chief Security Strategist at Cobalt.io, a PTaaS platform that transforms yesterday's broken pen test model into a data-driven vulnerability management engine.

Caroline is a dynamic cybersecurity expert with more than a decade of industry experience as a day-to-day manager at eBay and Zynga, product manager at Symantec, and managing consultant at Cigital (now Synopsys). She also holds positions on multiple industry advisory boards, including the North American Advisory Council for ISC2 and the RSA Conference Advisory Board. 

During this episode, Caroline will share how to transition from managing yourself to managing others. Learn to become a great security leader and encourage others to grow and lead. Match potential candidates with jobs that need to be filled, work with remote teams, and address compensation expectations.


Time Stamps:

  • 00:29 - Caroline background and introduction

  • 04:08 - Will the skills crisis impact security teams and vendors?

  • 06:37 - Supplementing your in-house security team and possible outsourcing options

  • 10:21 - Do you really need a core security team?

  • 12:44 - Overcoming dev sec ops movement challenges

  • 16:18 - Transitioning into a great leader and encouraging others to grow

  • 19:10 - “A great leader lays out that path to allow that person to grow.” - Caroline Wong

  • 19:51 - Transitioning from a maker to a manager

  • 23:30 - “In order to be whatever you’re going to be tomorrow you have to let go of who you are today.” - Caroline Wong

  • 25.30 - "Hiring managers often find themselves in a position where they may frankly struggle to write a job description because they are trying to figure out what should this person do?" - Caroline Wong

  • 24:03 - Matching potential candidates with jobs that need to be filled

  • 30:38 - Working with remote teams + compensation expectations