Cyber Security Profile Masterclass

Are you wanting to raise the profile of security in your organisation?

Could security be engaged earlier by business peers if they only knew the
value you can bring?

Do you struggle to effectively communicate your role and relevance with the business?

Join best selling author Claire Pales to answer these and many other questions about increasing the visibility of security within your organisation.

Many security staff feel their reach is limited and their voice restricted to those that need to work with the security team to meet compliance obligations. Many stakeholders are not aware the security team exists or what value they can offer. The Cyber Security Profile Masterclass is a 3 ½ hour workshop taking you through practical steps to increase your profile and your authority within your organization through actions you can take today.

This class will help to ensure that: 

-  you (and your team) are valued by more members of your organisation
- you have ways of engaging with the business on a regular basis
- you can plan security communications relevant to your business and security strategy
- you can tailor your profile activities to those which suit you best
- you can increase your authority across the organisation

What will we cover?

-      Proven profile raising activities
-      Tips on communications plans and strategies
-      The value of business partnerships in raising your profile
-      Leveraging multiple communications channels
-      Reaching beyond compliance training modules to establishing true trusted relationships
-      Hear ideas from peers who face similar challenges in your industry and how to avoid these

Who is this class for?

-      Anyone wanting to raise the profile of security internally in their organisation
-      Those new to their role in security
-      Technical staff who want to increase their communication potential
-      Security awareness staff
-      Heads of cyber security
-      Those with security communications as part of their role
-      Those who already have a successful profile in their organisation and are looking for new ideas



Five reasons to attend the Cyber Security Profile Masterclass:

1.    Be inspired to try new communications activities.

2.    Practical advice you can use right away.

3.    Break out of your comfort zone.

4.    Networking with likeminded people.

5.    New tips and tactics - even if you feel your profile within your
business is positive and broad, there’s always something to take away.